Database of French constructions

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INRAE Grenoble is building a database about bioengineering for riverbank protection, financed by the OFB (French biodiversity office, project BD GeniVeg). This database collects information about French riverbank operations using bioengineering techniques. This project could offer an experience collection for both practitioners and scientists. River managers will have the possibility to know what bank protections already exist in their neighbourhood. In this way, they can use this knowledge and its feedback to develop new riverbank protection works. For research, it would allow scientists to improve their knowledge through a large set of data including temporal evolution and mechanical resistance of bioengineering techniques.

The map above presents constructions with soil bioengineering techniques currently in our database.

A PDF file is available for each construction. It presents the main features and some pictures. Not all database information is presented in this PDF file, only a selection of fields is described.

We are developing the database and data will be added throughout the project (2017-2021). If you want to see some constructions in particular on the map, you can send us a message on the page “Contact”.